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A Game Development Journey
May 6, 2015

Six years ago I started developing games for iOS. A lot has changed since then and it is easier then ever to make games for iOS. I stumbled a lot when getting started with game development and iOS development in general. I ended up rewriting my game multiple times, but after it all I had first app on the app store, BubblezZ.

ship absorbing other bubbles and shooting

BubblezZ initally started off as a school project for a game development class. The classes final project was to create a game in Java using the tools that we learned during the class. One of the recent games I had been playing at the time was called Osmos. Osmos had a cool mechanic where everything in the game was a circle, and larger circles absorbed smaller circles. 

My partner and I brainstormed and came up with the idea that use the basics of the Osmos game mechanic in a space shooter style game. While playing circles or bubbles will fall from the top, and act like they do in Osmos. The exception being that the player's ship will absorb any bubble that it comes in contact with and convert it to fuel.

ship absorbing other bubbles and shooting

The player would take damage by either running out of fuel or by overflowing their fuel capacity. As time goes go the bubbles will increase in quantity making overflowing more and more likely. To combat the increase in the player is given upgrades for their weapons, fuel capacity, and health regeneration.